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Film- und Fotomanfuktur in Berlin.
question normativities – 

11.01. – 12..01.2023 – NARCISSISM at Prager Frühling Kino and UT Connewitz Kino, Leipzig (DE), with attendance of Toni Karat

29.12.2022 – 8:30 pm, screening of NARCISSISM at Lichtblick Kino, Berlin – presented by ExBerliner magazine – with Toni Karat

15.12.2022 – 20:00 at NARCISSISM – The Auto-Erotic Images // Book Presentation by Toni Karat

15.12.2022 – Endzeit Berlin at the 180’ Berlin Film Fest (DE)

09.12.2022 – NARCISSISM screens at 38. LGBT Film Festival, Ljubljana (SVN) – with attendance of Del LaGrace Volcano and Toni Karat

25.11.2022 – The Mirror was selected for the 10th anniversary “Best Of” program of the Porny Days Filmkunstfestival, Zurich (CH)

17.11.2022 – Endzeit Berlin at Transition International Queer & Minorities Film Festival, Vienna (AUT)

04.11.02022 – NARCISSISM is Opening Film of the Secs Film Fest, Seattle (US)

03.11. – 09.11.2022 daily screenings at Moviemento cinema with Q&As with Toni Karat and various protagonists of NARCISSISM

30.10.2022 – NARCISSISM won the “Best Documentary” award of the Berlin Pornfilmfestival 2022

NARCISSISM – The Auto-Erotic Images.
Photo book and feature documentary about gender, narcissism and self-love

World premiere

NARCISSISM Premiere – photo: Petra dos Santos
NARCISSISM Premiere – photo: Petra dos Santos

Opening film of the Berlin Pornfilmfestival 2022 – and also premiere of the accompanying photo book:

25. Oct. – 20:00/20:30/21:00Moviemento cinema

30. Oct. – 13:00Babylon Kreuzberg cinema

NARCISSISM - Best Documentary - Pierre Emö
NARCISSISM – Best Documentary – Pierre Emö – © Toni Karat


28.10.2022 – 20 h, Interview at Radio Eins (RBB) with Marion Brasch

20.10.2022 – Endzeit Berlin at Too Drunk To Watch – Punkfilmfest, Berlin (DE) – Q&A with Toni Karat

15.10.2022 – Endzeit Berlin at Athens Porn Film Festival, (GR)

01.10.2022 – Interview with SIEGESSÄULE magazine (English and German, click here)

23.09.2022 – FagDyke Cruising at Some Prefer Cakes Festival, Bologna, (IT)

03.09.2022 – Endzeit Berlin at Failed Film Festival, Los Angeles (US)

24.08.2022 – Endzeit Berlin at San Francisco Porn Film Festival (US)

25.06.2022 – FagDyke Cruising at Forte Forte – a cooperation with the “Schwules Museum” (SMU) at Club Culture Houze, Berlin

15.05.2022 – FagDyke Cruising at Uncensored Festival, London (UK)

14.05.2022 – Screening of Endzeit Berlin at the Free Independent Queer Film Weekend (DE)

07.05.2022 – Endzeit Berlin at Cinekink Festival, New York City (US)

22.04.2022 – Endzeit Berlin at Porn Film Festival Vienna (AUT)

07.02.2022 – Release of FagDyke Cruising on streaming platform Lesflicks – watch it here

03.02.2022 – The Mirror at PORNights’22, Schikander Kino, Vienna (AUT)

28.01.2022 – FagDyke Cruising screens at Excentrico Fest, Santiago (CHL)

15.01.2022 – Endzeit Berlin at Queer Post-Erotica Berlin shorts,  Kino 28, Athens (GR)

31.12.2021 – Endzeit Berlin was selected for the 21 Highlights of 2021 by Pinklabel.TV

21.12.2021 – Fag Dyke Cruising at Kurzfilmtag Berlin, presented by BLN Film Festival, Queerscope and X-Posed Film Festival, Sputnik Kino Berlin (DE) – Q&A with Toni Karat

BLN Filmfest Kurzfilmtag


10.12.2021 – The Mirror at Athens Porn Film Festival (GR)

03.12.2021 – Screening of The Mirror at Hacker Porn Film Festival, Rome (IT)

01.12.2021 – Screening of Endzeit Berlin on the Smut Club Film Fest, Perth (AUS).

26.01.2021 – Two screenings  of Endzeit Berlin at Porny Days Filmkunstfestival, Zurich (CH) – Q&A with Toni Karat in Zurich

Porny Days 2021 Zurich
Porny Days Zurich © Toni Karat


20.11.2021 – Endzeit Berlin screens at the Thessaloniki International G.L.A.D. Film Festival (GR)

12.11.2021 – The Mirror screens at the San Francisco Porn Film Festival 2021

SFPFF 2021


Toni Karat is jury member for the “Lesbian Shorts Competition” at the Porn Film Festival Berlin 2021

Jury Meeting "Lesbians Shorts" Merle Groneweg - Siobhan FaheyPFFB 2021 - © Toni Karat
Merle Groneweg Siobhan Fahey Toni Karat @ Pornfilmfestival Berlin – © Toni Karat


27.10.2021 – Premiere of Marit Östberg’s Film “Hold” on the Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2021. The Film won the “Best Fetish Film” competition. A part of the score was composed by Toni Karat.


27.10.2021 – Two screenings of Endzeit Berlin at the Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2021

Walter Crasshole Toni Karat
Screening of Endzeit Berlin at Babylon Kino, Berlin. Q&A with main character Walter Crasshole and Toni Karat


24.10.2021 – Screening of The Mirror at Northwest Film Forum, Seattle (US)

08.10.2021 – The Mirror is screening in the Best International Short Competition at the Vienna Pornfilmfestival

02.08.2021 – Premiere of Endzeit Berlin at Kino CentralShort Nights of Berlin Festival 2021

Endzeit Berlin (09:56 min.) Cast: Walter Crasshole, Dennis Deep
and more – Soundtrack: Toni Karat, including ‘H’ by RTalin
Endzeit Berlin Premiere (20)
Premiere of “Endzeit Berlin” – Toni Karat, Else Buschheuer, Mahide Lein, Joaquin La Habana, Dennis Deep, Franko Maria, Walter Crasshole © Toni Karat


30.09.2021 –  FagDyke Cruising screens at the Homografia / Homography festival in Brussels (BE)

11.09.2021 – The Mirror screens at Secs Festival, Seattle (US)

09.09.2021 – Exhibition: A selection of photos of the NARCISSISM project is shown at





30.08.2021 – FagDyke Cruising screens at the Brighton & Hove Film Pride Festival (UK)

06.07.2021 – Two screenings of FagDyke Cruising today at Festival Chéries-ChérisParis (FR)

12.06.2021 – FagDyke Cruising is screening at the Transition International Queer & Minorities Film Festival, Vienna (AUT)

27.05.2021 Group exhibition in Rome: Ospizio Giovani Artisti.

Toni Karat - Driven, Oga Exhibition, Rome
‘Driven Nr. 1’ – premium photo print: 50×75 cm, 2019 – Edition 1/5 – Film Still of the film ‘Driven’


FagDyke Cruising and The Mirror are out now on the streaming platforms of Pinklabel.TV, Arthouse Vienna and on Lesflicks

Toni Karat - Fag Dyke Cruising - lesbian Cruising in Berlin
Toni Karat – FagDyke Cruising – lesbian Cruising in Berlin


FagDyke Cruising is on the 2020 Highlights list of Pinklabel.TV!

Adult Film Highlights of 2020 - PinkLabel TV


Little preview of the NARCISSISM project in the 20th edition of “Mein Lesbisches Auge” by @Konkursbuchverlag

N A R C I S S I S M – The Auto-Erotic Images.
Photo book and documentary about narcissism and self-love
Due to the Covid situation I will submit my film (and finish the photo book) only next year…!

Marlen Lesb. Auge 20

Model: Kristina Marlen –


Premiere of  The Mirror – starring Manon Praline

Toni_Karat_The_Mirror_Poster FACEBOOK


homografia premiere (1)
homografia premiere (2)


– Homografia – Video and Performance Festival, Brussels (BE) (World Premiere)
– Pornfilmfestival Berlin @pffberlin as part of the #SexInTimesOfCorona fundraiser project*
– Porny Days Filmkunstfestival, Zürich (CH)
– Uncensored Festival, London (UK)
– Nuit Raunch, Winnipeg (CAN)
– Smut Club Film Fest, Perth (AUS)

*The film was realised as part of the #SexInTimesOfCorona fundraiser film project for sexworkers. Over 8000 € have been raised so far (thank you all!) – and you can still donate here:


Soli Porn project “Sex In Times Of Corona”:

THANK YOU ❤ for donating more than 7000 € already! – Want to see the whole video from me and wonderful @manon.praline? It was our contribution to the Soli Porn project – donate to the #sexwork emergency fund in the Covid-19 crisis of @berufsverband_sexarbeit :

Soli porn fundraiser – 16 Berlin contributors
1. Donate to…/besdemergencyfund/
2. Send a screenshot of your donation to
3. Get a download link to the film! From 50€ up you also get explicit long versions of some of the scenes and behind-the-scenes material!


#funding #corona #sexwork #narcissism #sexworker #queerporn #feministporn #sexworkiswork #berlinporn #lgbtiq #queer #trans #solidarity


FagDyke Cruising  – Premiere at the Pornfilmfestival Berlin

Toni Karat - PFFB 2019 - Foto Petra dos Sanstos


Toni Karat - Fagdyke Cruising - Film Still 7

FAGDYKE CRUISING | dir. Toni Karat | Germany 2019 | 16′
Two strangers cruising for a simple thrill lock eyes in the subway station, but the destination of their hook-up will take them to the unexpected. This scorching hot exploration of BDSM and anonymous sexual encounters is the perfect climax for your night.”
Fringe! Queer Arts & Film Festival, London (UK)

FagDyke Cruising is said to be a modern classic already and was much awaited by many folks who miss the depiction of “Butch on Butch” or “Boi on Boi” action in the (queer) porn scene!

See trailers of my films here




#lesbian cruising #non-binary #lesbiancruising #leatherdykes #leather dykes






Driven at Oldenburg


Looking forward to go to Paris for the screening of Driven in November: Chéries Chérie, 25e festival du film LGBTQ +

cheries cheris paris plakat


Failed Film Festival, Los Angeles

failed films driven


Driven screens at Fringe! Festival:

SHORTS: ‘(Deep) Into You’: Sat Nov 16, 19:00

fringe london
Fringe 2019
Driven Film Still Fringe


Driven at Secs Fest 2019 (Seattle)

SECS stash cover FB

Screening in Osaka (Japan) soon at the Kansai Queer Film Festival …

Kansai Queer Film Festival


Driven is nominated for the ‘International Shorts’ competition in Vienna

Driven Film Still schrift


North american premiere at the Hot Bits Filmfest in Baltimore:

Hot Bits Filmfest.jpg


And soon:

London PFF logo


Screening at Hush! (Malmö)

Driven HUSH malmö


Screeening and discussion at PorYes Salon, Berlin.

 Let’s talk about feminist porn!

Driven bei Sexklusivitäten


DRIVEN goes to LEEDS – in march!

leeds laurel2019


Full moon premiere of Driven at the Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2018 at Babylon Kreuzberg Kino

screenings: 24.10. and 28.10.

+++ Teaser +++

Toni Karat - Driven

PFF header

Photos from the festival


PFFB 2018


Film poster available: 80×45 cm (premium paper)

driven poster 80 x 45 klein


Film stills of DRIVEN were published here:

Mein lesbisches Auge 18” – Jubiläumsausgabe – (Konkursbuchverlag, Tübingen)

lesbisches auge 18